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Max-imum Speed!

Max, a wonderful little Jack Russell, was the happy beneficiary of speedy and efficient Cinnamon Trust problem-solving. It all happened so fast, little Max clearly thought that a magic wand was involved . . .

When Max, who lives in a Cinnamon Trust listed Pet Friendly Care Home together with his owner Mildred, broke a ligament in one of his hind legs the Trust swung into action. Upon one phone call from the home’s Care Manager our volunteer Patricia was there within the hour to pick up Max, take him to the vets and ensure that diagnosis and treatment were undertaken without delay. By the time we called Mildred’s daughter Janice (who had been working away that day) and made her aware of the situation Max had been to the vets, had treatment, and was comfortably awaiting a lift home. When Janice called round to the vets to take a relieved little Max home to Mildred she received a heroine’s welcome from Max, who was convinced that it was Janice who had miraculously rescued him! Never mind, Patricia! This is for you:

“I am writing on behalf of Mum and Max to thank you very much for the excellent and comforting response to the situation.   I would not have been able to help her as quickly as you did so you saved valuable time. He is doing very well I am pleased to say. Max is Mum’s world . . . she will be making a small donation just to say thank you for the wonderful service you are offering.”

Posted on 31 May 2011 by Cinnamon
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