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Tale of the Day - Lasting Flame

The story of Sid the dapper, long haired ginger tom is full of love and loss. Poor Sid’s first home was lost when Sue died. His grief was added to when Sid’s companion cat, Cosmo, died shortly afterwards. Sid would have been alone but he had the Cinnamon Trust, thanks to Sue.

Then Sid’s luck changed when The Cinnamon Trust stepped in and our lovely volunteer Sri became his long term foster mum. Sid never quite forgot how quickly things can change. We quickly found him a lifelong foster home with CT volunteer Sri. He blossomed and flourished, he was always in the thick of things and loved cuddles. He loved supervisory duties with Sri’s grandchildren (play monitor), and he was always purring and chatting and he really was a hero.

Sri wrote:

“He saved us and my house from being engulfed in flames.  One night as I was going to sleep I heard a slight noise but thought nothing of it, but Sid was behaving so oddly and refused to settle on the bed as he usually did. I finally said, "Ok, Sid, let's go see what is happening," and found that a light socket was in flames and the fire had spread to the door.”

Then Sid, aged 8 by now, got cancer. As a long term foster cat of course The Cinnamon Trust stepped in immediately and took care of all of his medical expenses . . . and made sure, together with Sri, that he had the very best of care right until the very end ( just as The Trust had promised Sri, and his first loving owner that we would).

Sri said:

"A day before he left me I told him he would go and see Cosmo in heaven, and repeated Cosmo's name a few times and his eyes became saucer like and he purred and purred."

He was a beautiful, chatty, loving cat who missed me whenever I was out for more than a few hours and is very much missed by us all.


Posted on 10 Jun 2011 by Cinnamon
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