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Appeal Success

Last week I started to ‘tweet’ our urgent volunteer appeals. I am pleased to say that we have enrolled one new potential volunteer directly from these tweets. A ‘typical’ case requires about five or more volunteers for a number of reasons. Many volunteers can only offer one walk a week because they have busy lives themselves. Volunteers need time off for holidays or family commitments and everyone can fall ill.

A typical case is such a thing actually exists needs a small supportive network of volunteers so each volunteer does not feel that they are shouldering the entire burden and if for any reason they cannot commit one week it is not a problem. Some of our appeals are in areas where we do already have volunteers but they are already at capacity and we need to bring in more volunteers to support them.
It really does not matter if you feel you can only volunteer for a single walk a week, or you think you go away too often. Volunteering will help lighten the burden of everyone and may make all the difference, like to old saying goes “Many hands make light work”.

If you would like to volunteer you can download the volunteer registration form today.

Posted on 07 Sep 2011 by Cinnamon
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