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13th February Puppy Love – Cabaret Celebrating the Love of Dogs
Puppy Love is an anti-Valentines Cabaret celebrating the love of dogs instead. The Cabaret is on the 13th February 2019. Doors open at 7.30pm – Showtime 8.00pm. The Boys Café, 174 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QN. Tea and coffee available, bring your own booze and complimentary dog treats courtesy of Coombs Pet Centre.
20th February Middlesex University
Middlesex University are holding an awareness event on the 20th February 2019, 10.00am – 3.00pm. Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, NW4BT.


2013 Cinnamon Trust Pet Friendly Care Homes Star Rated book

The 4th edition of Pet Friendly Care Homes – Star Rated! is now available. Call 01736 757900 to buy a copy £3.50 (plus £1.50 p&p).


Pet Friendly Care Home Enquiries

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Pet Friendly Care Home of the Year 2013

The award ceremony was held in London on 18th October 2013, at The Lanesborough Hotel.

It was a very difficult decision for our panel of judges; TV Presenter - Pam Rhodes, Editor of Dogs World Geraldine Cove Print and Managing Editor of The Journal of Dementia Care Sue Benson, to decide between the ten finalists who had been whittled down from over 1,250 care homes and retirement complexes throughout the UK.

And the winners are ……………


Care Homes

The Old Vicarage, Dorset.

The Old Vicarage is owned by Annie Sinott. MBE and her husband Ian. They are passionate in their belief that owners and pets should be kept together. Annie explained that pets are family and that they could not think of separating them. Annie feels that having pets benefits everyone as pets calm and reassure not only their owners but also other residents, it is also a huge relief to families that their loved one can bring their pet with them. The Old Vicarage has arranged many activities for its residents that involve animals including a Xmas Fair with real reindeer, hatching Chicks at Easter, visits from organizations that train dogs to assist young wounded servicemen, pony and trap rides and not forgetting visits to a local small holding for those residents who were involved in farming during their working lives. Annie says that they have always tried to make The Old Vicarage a home rather than an institution and pets add to the homely atmosphere enjoyed by all their residents as well as giving them and their staff a lovely warm feeling to see them together.

The five runners up ……………

Elizabeth Court Nursing Home,  East Sussex.

Elisabeth Court is owned and managed by Carol Robinson and Mandy DadeElisabeth Court is owned and managed by Carol Robinson and Mandy Dade. Both believe that having pets brings everyone together with visitors stating they have never been in a care home like it and how it is like any other family home with dogs alerting staff and residents to visitors. Those residents unable to have a pet can share the pets in the home, an arrangement that benefits all. Carol and Mandy are not at all phased by pets who have problems, one resident arrived with a little Jack Russell called Angel who through no fault of her own needed to be re house trained and taught to go for walks. She is now a happy little dog with an equally happy owner who thoroughly enjoys taking her out and about.

Westergate House, West Sussex.

Westergate House is managed by Paul MiddletonWestergate House is managed by Paul Middleton whose staff do all they can to help with pets including walking and bathing residents dogs and dealing with cat litter trays. The managers office is a nursery for any dog needing babysitting as well as any visiting dogs One resident was very withdrawn and non receptive and it was at this time that a visitor brought a rescue greyhound in at regular intervals and it was not long before the resident had totally come out of her shell. Staff here feel the home would not be the same without the pets and are also welcome to bring in their own pets.

Dunster Lodge, Somerset.

Dunster Lodge is managed by Margaret Hayes who believes strongly that all staff working there should be as pet friendly as she isDunster Lodge is managed by Margaret Hayes who believes strongly that all staff working there should be as pet friendly as she is. All prospective staff are informed at interview that the home has a family atmosphere and that they must all pitch in and help with pets if needed. Margaret believes that being pet friendly makes Dunster Lodge more attractive to prospective residents and in fact had one resident move in from the other side of the county as at the time they could not find anywhere nearer to them that would accept pets. Dunster Lodge is home to three little dogs who are joined each day by the cooks dog with all getting along famously. Dunster Lodge is lucky enough to have the services of several Cinnamon Trust volunteers who visit daily for dog walking.



The White House, Hampshire.

The White House is owned by Julie HarrisonThe White House is owned by Julie Harrison and is home to cats, horses, goats, peacocks, pigs, ornamental ducks, wallabies, rabbits, tortoise, fish and an entire host of exotic birds. Some belong to residents but all are part of The White House community. The residents love the fact that pets can mingle with them and Julie believes the residents with dementia benefit and gain increased awareness, attention span and interest in the world around them. A new resident who arrived at The White House from hospital was majorly distressed over who was feeding her cat and just could not settle so staff made it their priority to track down her cat and, collect it and brought it to The White House for her. She is now calm and happily settled with her cat.


Rotherbank, Hampshire.

Rotherbank is owned by Christine Hillyer and managed by her son James Casselden.Rotherbank is owned by Christine Hillyer and managed by her son James Casselden. It is their belief that having pets around helps to keep residents mentally active and those that are able to go on walks are helped to remain physically mobile. There are several dogs in residence as well as four Polish chickens which are very popular, when our assessor visited they were in the living room sitting on the residents laps! Two dogs visit daily with their owners including John the Boxer who loves to visit the residents and cheers them up with his antics. John has had problems with his pads being too soft and now has to wear little doggy boots, unfortunately they rubbed a little so now he wears socks with his boots when going out and about.


The winner is ……………

Runnymede Court, West Sussex.

Runnymede Court is a Hanover complex managed by Karen BakerRunnymede Court is a Hanover complex managed by Karen Baker who has an excellent rapport with the residents many of whom bring their pets in to say Good Morning to her, although some pets prefer to sit and have a cuddle rather than go for their daily walk. Karen believes totally in Hanovers pet friendly ethos and has previously looked after pets in her own home when their owners were unwell. Karen believes that pets benefit everyone at Runnymede as they create a talking point and encourage friendship and good relations between neighbours, this is borne out by the fact that if a pet owner is unwell, neighbours will organise a rota to help out with pet care where necessary.

The three runners up ……………

Sydney Hall Court, Flintshire Wales.

Sydney Hall Court is a Wales and West Housing Group complex managed by Robert HolmesSydney Hall Court is a Wales and West Housing Group complex managed by Robert Holmes. Robert believes that being pet friendly is of benefit to all, promoting good health both physically and mentally. Many non pet owning residents are also animal lovers, which immediately gives them something in common with pet owners. Robert tells of a resident who suffers from bipolar disorder being distraught at the death of her beloved Labrador and who felt unable to go through the pain of acquiring, and then possibly losing another pet. Gradually she began to accompany residents out walking their dogs and after a while was able to visit a local animal rescue centre where she fell for a little Jack Russell named Lily. Lily is now living at Sydney Hall Court and when her owner is unwell, Robert and other kind residents step in to help out resulting in a happy owner and a happy dog.

Warde Chase, Essex.

Warde Chase is managed by Anne Reggione on behalf of Hanover Housing.Warde Chase is managed by Anne Reggione on behalf of Hanover Housing. Described as a very pet friendly estate, nearly all the residents have or have had pets and this really is a community of animal lovers. Anne has recently succeeded in a nine year campaign to obtain a Dog Bin on the estate and she keeps four dog leads in her office in case any dog escapes or there is a pet related emergency. Annes husband is a dog behaviourist who has taught many of the dogs little tricks much to the joy of their owners.

Mytchett Heath, Surrey.

Mytchett Heath is a Cognatum complex managed by Simon and Irene Jenkins.Mytchett Heath is a Cognatum complex managed by Simon and Irene Jenkins. They see themselves as friendly neighbors and are more than happy to assist with emergency pet care as well as helping out with feeding pets whilst owners are away on holiday all of which gives peace of mind to pet owners. They also send Xmas cards to all the pets! Simon would even go as far as to look after a pet if their owner passed away until longer term arrangements could be put in place.



In addition lifetime achievement awards were made to:

Loraine Olsen – owner of Owl’s Barn in Lincolnshire. 

Loraine has championed pets in care homes for over 32 years taking on and helping to address the views of the Care Quality Commissions.  Owl’s Barn was the Pet Friendly Care Home of the Year in 2011 and has consistently figured in the top echelons. A shining example under the inspirational leadership of Loraine who is currently recovering from serious illness.

Val Harber – estate manager of Hanover Walk, Storrington, West Sussex, a winner in 2011. 

Val has, for over 25 years been instrumental to the cause of pets in retirement homes.  Another inspirational leader, very worthy of this award and a constant advocate for the humaneness of preserving the precious bond between owner and pet.  Thrilled to receive this award Val says Well done Cinnamon, I am so grateful to have been a partner in your cause and to Hanover for giving me the platform to change minds!


Gulliver Travels Again

"Gulliver Travels Again" has been written by one of our volunteers, Susan Clarke, and some of the proceeds will go to us at The Cinnamon Trust.







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