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URGENT APPEALS! Volunteers we need your help.

What type of pet are you interested in?
E.g. small cat friendly dog, indoor cat or a particular breed?
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Are you happy to have a homecheck? No Yes  
Would you consider a pair or family group of animals?
No Yes We don't like to split families that have come into care from the same owner.

As we are a national charity our pets are in short term foster homes across the UK, we will arrange transport for a pet to the right home and will pay for the life long veterinary care for our pets.

An Appeal for Pluto

Pluto Pluto came into our care as his elderly owner was admitted to hospital and sadly passed away. Pluto is loving and affectionate, but you need to think of him as a two year old puppy as he has had very little training on the lead or with basic obedience. He needs socialising but on a positive note he is a sponge, learns quickly and is clean in the house. Pluto needs someone who can set boundaries and give him lots of excercise and also seeing him through being neutered.

Pluto needs a sensible person to give him a lifelong home but we need it urgently, he is presently in Norfolk but we will arrange transport to the right home.

Loving Homes Needed for Cats

The Cinnamon Trust are seeking cat lovers to help provide loving homes for cats in our care.

Our cats are bereaved as their elderly or terminally ill owners have died. They need lots of TLC and reassurance. We pay all their vet bills and give you support for holidays also, our fully qualified vet nurse is here for guidance and support if needed. If a cat needs a special diet or even just a new scratching post, we will pay for that too!

If you love cats and feel you can be that special person we would love to hear from you please contact us as soon as possible on 01736 758703 (Head Office open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Here are just some of the cats that need loving homes.

Felix, Dapper & Maisie

These 3 beautiful cats belong to a lady who is suffering from a terminal illness, it would give her enormous peace of mind to have them settled and loved in a new home with our support. Felix is 3 years old and loves to play with his ball and dressing gown cords. Dapper is 4 and Felix's best friend, likes playing ball but essentially laid back, likes being stroked under his chin. Maisie is young but age unknown because her owner rescued her, she has just started to play but is not sure about being picked up.

Fred and Puss Puss

FredPuss Puss

These handsome boy & girl pair have come into our care because their elderly owner has gone into permanent nursing care. Fred is 9 years old and is very close to his friend Puss Puss who is 10. They are cat and dog friendly but are used to living alone.


Nico, on the right of the photo, is a 12 year old Balinese Lilac point. He is a gentle and loving boy who has sadly lost his owner and not long after his companion cat Lady, pictured on the left. We are looking for a forever home with someone in the South West so he does not have to travel too far.


Molly the cat

As you can see from the photo of Molly, who is 8 years old, she has beautiful markings and loves her food! She can be a bit nervous and like to come to you in her own time. Molly needs someone who has patience to let her settle in to get the best from her.